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  • Exercise in the gameGrow in the game


    Play Is life

    About Us

    An Expert Providing Professional Kid’s Sports & Play Growing Space

    UPgreen (Beijing) International Trading Co., Ltd is developed from Hefei UPgreen PlaygroundEquipment Inc. which founded in 1998. As the earliest pioneer, UPgreen introduced internationalhigh-quality children's unpowered playground equipment into China market. Those designed andconstructed projects are widely praised, and serving radiation reaches to nationwide in China.UPgreen is a comprehensive service provider integrated with design, R&D, manufacturing,construction and after-sales as well.....

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    Products Express

    Time doesn’t make us old, we grow old because we stop play

    Case Study

    The best gift for growing

    Case Study

    The best gift for growing

    Case Study

    The best gift for growing

    Case Study

    The best gift for growing

    Why UPgreen

    Professional and efficient team providing you with a full range of customized services

    In 1998, Upgreen first introduced into China the world's advancedconcept and products of "un-powered children's growth playground", which has been widelyrecognized and praised. Since then, Upgreen has applied mature product standards andmanufacturing processes from abroad......


    To cooperate closely, promote effectively to ensure that the project is fully implemented in accorda...

    • Design

      The deep communication between the international mature design team and the local innovation team, creates sports & play space which is more conform to the habits of Chinese people.

    • R&D

      Based on scientific data and the rule of children's growth, developing customized products and growth systems to meet different market demands.

    • Manufacture

      From technology to material, from raw materials to production, all these comply with international standards. The industrial 4.0 intelligent factory ensures the most accurate product quality

    • Construction

      A completed installation and service system was established based on the industry standards. UPgreen’s professional installation team ensures the accurate construction of all projects.

    • After-sales

      UPgreen believes that "To solve small problems timely is to solve big problems", perfect project maintenance providing all-round product guarantee for our partners.


    Thank you forstriving together with you on the way

    At present, UPgreen reaches to the cooperation with hundreds of famous brands in China, such as Vanke Group, Sunac Group, Harrow School, Yew Chung International School, Shanghai Disneyland, etc., and has established more than 1000 premium projects, covering 45 cities nationwide.

    Contact us

    • Beijing Upgreen International Trading Co., Ltd

      Tel: +86-10-87571472

      Fax: +86-10-87571476

      Add.: Rm 2601 Block 2 So Boss & Box Center, NO.16 South 3rd Ring West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

      Postcode: 100068

    • Office of East & Central China


      Add.: Rm 513, Shangcheng Guoji Mingzuo, Luyang District, Hefei, Anhui Province

      Postcode: 230001

    After-Sales Service
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